Welcome to Freedom Functional Fitness. We aim to provide the most supportive and inclusive exercise environment in the industry.

We offer members 19,000 sq. ft. to run, jump, and play! We’ve purposely avoided cluttering our space with machines, giving you the opportunity to move freely. What you will find here are: Kettle Bells, Sandbags, Climbing Ropes, Olympic Rings, Tractor tires, Sledge Hammers, Power Wheels, Free Weights, Monkey Bars, Bouldering Wall, Exercise Balls, Weight sleds, Med balls, Rowing machines, Incline Trainers and enough room to challenge your friends to a foot race!

We will have you running, jumping, crawling, climbing, lifting, pushing and pulling your way to FREEDOM!  We are confident that our qualified coaches will help you safely discover new physical boundaries. Who knew... fitness can be fun!

Copyright 2014, Freedom Functional Fitness INC.

Contact Us | 306.384.7600 | www.freedomsaskatoon.com | On the corner of Idylwyld Dr. & 20th Street!

We’re across the street from the Midtown Plaza, 1 block from the Farmer’s Market, and 2 Blocks from River Landing!


We have corporate rates that are the perfect fit for your business! Inquire by contacting Bob Fawcett, lr.fawcett@gmail.com

Our 600 sq.ft. INFRARED SAUNA is NOW OPEN! Bring your waterbottle, a change of clothes, and set aside an extra 20 minutes to enjoy our beautiful, state of the art sauna. The perfect addition to your rest and recovery process.

Have you seen our new weight room in the basement? We’ve got squat racks, olympic plates, cable machines, and more!